The Power of Community Organizing


Elections are not the only means to raise your voice on issues that matter to you.

By leading and organizing collective action in our workplaces and communities, not only can your voice be heard but you can facilitate the start of positive change.

Benefits of Community Organizing

Builds a sense of dignity & restores people’s significance i
Build alliances across lines of race, ethnicity, class, age groups
Creates more community leaders from among members
Pragmatic solutions that come from the community

Community organizing is a process by which a group of people organize and leads grassroots measures to shape policies or culture surrounding their area.

Examples may include:

  • Public school parents who organize to demand a high-quality education for their children.
  • Neighbors who organize to address potholes in the road and other infrastructure issues.
  • Laid-off factory workers who organize to protest the shipping of jobs overseas.
  • Organizing to get out the vote in local elections.
  • Fundraising for a local non-profit that matters to you.
  • Raising awareness for an upcoming vote on local issues.


HelloVoter, our signature no-cost canvassing mobile app, was designed with you in mind.

No matter what you use it for, whether it is for campaigning, fundraising or organizing, you can create multiple surveys and collect your data to share with whom you choose.

Data Collection That Connects Communities

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